Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and management development enables leaders and managers display the attitudes, skills and behaviours needed for success in an organisation.

Leaders and managers at all levels within an organisation have a common set of skills associated with their role and these need to be developed. There is a need for more individual tailored solutions at this level, to ensure that leaders and managers are in-tune with the organisation’s specific priorities and needs.

Where Alison can help your organisation

Alison is a specialist in managing leaders and managers. She has worked with some of the largest UK companies as well as prestigious international organisations, developing people of all levels, from senior managers to aspiring CEOs and up to Board level.

Alison can work with your organisation to develop your leadership and management teams through:

Psychometrics and coaching

Alison conducts 1-2-1 coaching based on psychometric assessments that provide insights into personality, strengths and behaviour preferences. These valuable tools are a great way to assist leaders and managers in their development.

Development needs analysis

Alison carries out a needs analysis, which identifies the attitudes, skills and behaviours required. This analysis is used to design bespoke interventions that develop leaders and managers to best succeed in meeting organisational goals.

Training design and delivery

Alison’s bespoke leadership and management development training courses are innovative, interactive, engaging and seek to maximise a participant’s understanding, uptake and utilisation.

As an Occupational Psychologist, all of Alison’s training solutions and content is based on her extensive experience across the training cycle, identifying organisational training needs, designing engaging leadership and management development programmes, and evaluating outcomes and Return on Investment (ROI).

Alison works with her clients to identify clear training requirements to ensure that what she produces is exactly what you want.

Arranging a consultation

If you are looking at the development of your leaders and managers, and equipping them with the attitudes, skills and behaviours needed for success, then contact Alison for a consultation using the contact form.