Motivational keynote speaker

Alison is a sought-after motivational keynote speaker. She has delivered keynote speeches for businesses, charities, schools and at conferences.

Alison is passionate about firing people up to take action and make fantastic, positive changes in their lives and has worked with over 1,500 individuals doing just that. As an internationally published author, lecturer and Chartered Psychologist, Alison is asked for motivational keynote speeches on a number of topics including:

The Psychology of Success – an inspiring talk on the combination of attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that lead to success, which can be easily applied by anyone to achieve their own goals in life.

Leadership – setting your vision, developing strategies to achieve your vision, firing your people up to be the best they can be and delivering results even in the toughest of situations

Management – how to get the best out of others, create effective teams, empower your employees and motivate your team to go the extra mile

Positive Psychology – the fascinating new field of scientific study into optimal human functioning, which motivates audiences to experience the benefits that come from applying business Positive Psychology to themselves and their organisations

Alison’s keynote speeches convey practical tools and techniques that have an instant impact for for audiences. She combines her experience as a facilitator with her expertise as a business psychologist to create powerful and lasting results.

These motivational keynote speeches typically last 30-45 minutes depending upon audience numbers and can be tailored to be of most benefit to your organisation.

To arrange a discussion with Alison to deliver a keynote talk for your organisation, please use the contact form to get in touch.