Positive Psychology consultancy

Positive Psychology is the scientific studying of optimal human functioning. Positive Psychology focuses on how we thrive, whether in our personal or professional lives. As a result, Positive Psychology has been recognised by Time Magazine as the “single most important breakthrough in the effort to tap human potential and help people cope with modern day stress and day-to-day challenges.”

Positive Psychology studies a broad range of areas including wellbeing, values, motivation, goals, well-being, strengths, optimism, emotional intelligence and resilience. Positive Psychology can be applied to individuals, groups, and organisations.

Alison Price is a Chartered Psychologist and an Occupational Psychologist who has been actively providing Positive Psychology consultancy for years. Alison is an expert on personal Positive Psychology and business Positive Psychology solutions.

To arrange a discussion with Alison about consulting on Positive Psychology within your business please use the contact form to get in touch.