Test User Occupational Ability and Personality (Level A & B) Training

The combined Test User: Occupational, Ability and Test User: Occupational, Personality course enables delegates to obtain three much sought-after British Psychological Society (BPS) qualifications:

- Assistant Test User
- Test User: Occupational, Ability, and
- Test User: Occupational, Personality

These BPS qualifications are aligned with the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) standards and upon completion of this course you will be eligible to apply for a Euro Test User Certificate.

The course will also provide delegates with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct occupational testing fairly and effectively within organisations. By combining both the Ability and Personality elements into a single course, delegates are able to obtain a more thorough grounding in the theory and application of psychological assessment as a whole. This approach saves time by avoiding the duplication that occurs when the two parts are studied separately. It also means that the combined training course provides exceptional value for money.

Psychometric test training course content

The course comprehensively covers the underlying principles and practice for the application of ability and personality testing for recruitment and personal development purposes within an organisation.

As well as learning the significance of basic testing concepts such as reliability, validity, standardisation and equivalence, candidates practice the fundamentals of testing etiquette. This includes how to provide a fair testing environment, how to meet the legal requirements, the essentials of report writing and the challenging task of providing feedback to candidates.

BPS Level A and Level B Occupational Test Training Course

The Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality course leads to eligibility for entrance into the BPS’s Register of Qualifications in Test Use


Who the course is for

The combined course is designed for anyone, in any field, wishing to use psychometrics in their business professionally, ethically and effectively and who want to gain the BPS accreditation in Occupational Testing. This course is ideal for those professionals who wish to apply the benefits of psychometric testing within their organisation or as a consultant.

Those who regularly complete these qualifications include human resource and learning development professionals, line managers, team leaders, training consultants and organisational development specialists. Delegates regularly go on to use psychometrics to aid selection and development, or in order to provide guidance, coaching and counselling.

The learning approach

The Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality course is designed for distance learning


This course uses online distance learning and videoconferencing (i.e. Skype) to embed skills and learning; a real-life case study and practical experience are central to the course.

It takes approximately 5 days of independent study and 2 hours of videoconference meetings to complete the qualification.

In order to be eligible to qualify as a Registered Test User, delegates are required to complete written and practical coursework.

Face-to-face training is available on request to groups of people. Please click the link below to contact Alison and discuss your requirements.


What qualifications will you achieve?

Delegates who successfully complete the psychometric test qualification can gain the following certificates from this combined course:

Assistant Test User

An EFPA Level 1 certificate, it is mandatory to achieve the Level 1 units this certificate contains to be eligible for the Level 2 ability and personality qualifications. The Assistant Test User was formerly the BPS ‘Test Administration’ certificate.

Test User: Occupational, Ability

An EFPA Level 2 certificate, the Test User Occupational Ability (TUA) Certificate is required to register with test publishers and gain access to occupational ability tests. The TUA was formerly known as BPS Level A.

Test User: Occupational, Personality

An EFPA Level 2 certificate, the Test User Occupational Personality (TUP) Certificate provides access to personality assessments. The TUP was formerly known as BPS Level B Intermediate.

Delegates will also be eligible to be included on the BPS Register of Qualified Test Users (RQTU).

Course prices

The cost of the combined qualification is exceptional value at £1,500 per candidate, based on completion in the distance-learning format. Fees will need to be paid in full, up-front.

This fee includes all of the materials required to complete the qualification, plus reasonable course tutoring time and marking time.

Booking your place

To enrol on this course, please complete the short form below. Please click this link for the Terms and Conditions of Course Booking.