Team building

Alison is a Chartered Psychologist who has extensive experience in both building new successful teams and raising the standard for existing ones. The teams she has built have a track record of going on to produce phenomenal results.

Alison works with her clients to perform training needs analysis in order to identify clear team building needs, to ensure that her events provide exactly what is required. Each of her team building events is then designed to be unique to the individual team’s needs.

The format of Alison’s team building is highly interactive, thought provoking and sometimes even emotionally moving. She structures her team building to ensure that every activity has a salient learning point and that participants leave feeling that they have had exceptional value for their time.

Alison’s team building has been in high demand, even where take up has been entirely optional amongst participants, demonstrating the value that her customers see that she can bring. Alison’s experience as a facilitator and her expertise as a business psychologist create powerful and lasting results for teams.